ttyu0118 ttyu0118

Material: ABS
Color: white, pink
Dimensions: 9.8 x 4.3 x 3.2
Weight (weight): 600g
Light: 8 LED lamp beads
Power: USB power interface
Rated input: 5V 1A
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Ultraviolet rays can cause cell division, damage the molecular structure of DNA or RNA, and cause the death of growing cells to achieve the effect of disinfection.
1. Powerful cleaning: The Ultraviolet disinfection Cleaner box has 8 indicator lights. The pure 260-280nm wavelength can effectively clean up to 99% of the sterilization rate. The cleaning box can be disinfected in only 60 seconds.
2. 360掳 protection: The bottom reflector is designed to provide 360掳 protection. The reflector can reflect ultraviolet rays in all directions for rapid and comprehensive sterilization.
3. Safe and convenient: The Ultraviolet disinfection Cleaner box is ergonomic and compact. No need for batteries, direct USB charger power supply, you can disinfect in the office/home/travel or car.
4. Multifunctional use: adapt to various items, such as keys, jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, remote controls, makeup brushes, etc.
5. Intelligent safety sensor: to prevent leakage of ultraviolet rays. , When the cover is opened, the indicator light will automatically go Disinfector